• Upholstery Leather

Produced in two main groups, including furniture and automobile upholstery. These articles meets all the required test values.

• Nubuck

Grain sideis lightly sanded to create a velvety surface. Usually chrome-tanned leathers are used in shoe – upper and garment producing. Values of water repellency can be increased by requiremöents of customers demand .

• Crazy

Produced by transparent sprayed finishing on Nubuck leathers to gain slightly oily surface.With velvety efect mainly required by shoe producers.

• Antique

Articles with special finishing made to high quality nubuck leathers, after friction leathers get more naturel look with semi- glossy effect.These articles become an elite group of productions.

• Flotter

Leathers to get prominent grain pattern by dry milling.Slighly smoothed surface has very natural and silky feeling.Mainly used at shoe upper,leather goods and motorcycle jackets due to it’s protective feature.

• Patent Leather - Florantik

With it’s corrected grain and intense finishing,, these line of articles are mainly used at shoe upper and leather good productions.Very shiny articles called as Patent and matt images are Florantik

• Lining

Mainly used at shoe insole production and shoe lining.Avarage thickness is from 0.6 to 1.0mm.To improve productivity slighly finishing made to surface.

• Seta Calf

Top quality classified leathers used for shoe upper production.

• Leathers for garment

Mainly produced on two lines fof men and women garment productions.Mainly natural but slightly corrected grain has oily,smooth and soft touch feeling.Dry and Wet rubbing fastness are very high. According to customer demands different effects can be acquired by embossing and finishings.

• Primal

This product is compltely natural with vegetable tanning technique.Due to this tecnique of tanning; articles has it’s own touch and feeling effect.Beside the tanning tecnique article has own drying out and mechanical process, hence Primal is ecological and natural feeling leather.

• Wet White ( Chrome Free )

Wet White leathers are Chrome Free leathers.Has Medical skin characteristics. Needs superior tanning tecniques and does not containing chromium.’Chrome Free’ certificates are avaliable if requested by manufacturers.In recent years,because of it’s proximity to human skin, upper group of car manufacturers prefers this group of articles on their leather car seat upholsteries

• Wet Blue

Semi-finished chrome-tanned domestic bovine animal skins.